Remote Teamwork Made Easy

RollCall automates team standup meetings, increases team productivity and saves time.

The Rollcall slackbot helps your team stay in sync

RollCall make's it easy to organize remote meetings. Set a timeblock, set an agenda, and we take it from there.

Automate standups

Collect indivudal video updates from each team members based on your guidelines.

Start on time

Never suffer through 15 minutes of video conference tool technical difficulties again.

Stay focused

Use meeting agenda templates to keep meetings on track.

Maximize efficiency

Limit meeting burnout, so team members can focus on what they do best.

How It Works

Create a meeting, sync members from your channel, customize local time zones, and measure results.

  • Automated Asyncronous Video Meetings

    Automatic notifications in slack to record individual video or screen share updates, and scheduled delivery of the edited meeting compilation.

  • Set Local Timezones to bring remote teams together

    Schedule meetings that work all schedules, without worrying about time diffrences or technical difficulties.

  • Use Analytics to Improve Productivity

    Make it easy to understand your teams tasks, execution and timelines.

Remote team management doesn't have to be complicated

Simplify team management workflows. Set up standups, surveys, and more, in seconds.

Productivity & Velocity Reports

Measure the success of your standup meetings to increase team efficiency.

Meeting Management and Scheduling

Every team is unique, so manage your meetings to maximize your teams time and productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know there's a lot to learn and read about all the best practices for standup meetings and what plugins can help you run efficiently. So we wrote these:

Should my team use daily standup meetings?

Why should my team use video meetings?

What is an effective standup meeting?

How does RollCall collect data?

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