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Rollcall makes it easy to organize remote meetings with people in any timezone.  Add to Slack, create an agenda, schedule a timeframe and the Rollcall bot delivers your standup.


Standups Completed

Join both Startups & Enterprise teams that use Rollcall to organize their remote work!

2000 +

Hours Saved

Reclaim time lost wasted in traditional standup meetings due to technical difficulties or delay. 

Time Saved on Standups
Average Employee Engagement Increase
"I can't sit through another Zoom call that's delayed by 15 minutes due to technical differences, and doesn't have an agenda. Rollcall has changed our standups!"
Jessica Bryant
Project Manager
recover productivy

Get Your time back

When standup meetings start late, get off track or have technical difficulties, it not only waste’s your time, but also the entire team’s time. 

Work Smarter with remote teams

Why Rollcall?

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Always visible to attendees to keep the meeting to the point.


Rollcall integrates into your teams Slack Channel.

Project Tracking

Collect project status updates every standup with direct links to tasks.

Always on Time

Set your recording window so the meeting is always on time, even across timezones.

how does it work

Our Process

Rollcall integrates into your teams communication channel to simplify standup meetings. 


Create a Standup

Set your agenda and invite your attendees. 

1 - 1 Meeting

Configure Details

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Daily Standup

Sync to Channel

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Choose a plan that fits your Team

Made for teams of all sizes.  Simple & straight forward plans. 

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